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Do you have a dust problem or a critical environment you need to keep clean? Get dust under control with cleanroom products. Whether you need full body coverage or just the head, arms, or legs we've got you covered. Our cleanroom products will help you save money by reducing your cleaning costs and time to clean. Disposable clothing is your first line of defense against unwanted dirt and contamination.

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High-Tech Contamination Control

Cleanroom clothing is made from material that is low-linting and has a low particle release to minimize the spread of dust and particulates from one place to another. Depending on the work environment, different levels of protection may be required. That is why we provide clothing that provides a wet dry barrier. You can find garments that protect against light fluid splash or that are impervious. All cleanroom garments are lightweight, breatheable, and designed for worker comfort. Cleanroom clothing whether it is coveralls, sleeves, shoe covers, hair nets, or other garments are disposable for easy dust control. Disposable clothing is suited to a number of different applications such as construction, manufacturing, medical facilities, industrial, server rooms, foor processing, and more.

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Cost Effective and Easy to Order!

Cleanroom products will save businesses money when it comes to keeping product clean, making repairs due to dust build up, and minimizing time and costs of cleaning work areas. Disposable clothing is easy to order, simply call, email, or place your order online.
Our Cleanroom Products

Saves and Protects.

Cleanroom clothing will keep dirt and particulates from spreading from one place to another, and protect workers by greatly reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals, powders, and other materials. When worn it will keep any dust, hair, or other particulates contained that may come from the worker because of the elastic bands that secure the garment on the body.

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